Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Writing a Novel, and Editing is a Bitch

Hello Reader!  I'm blogging here again, ready to take on the world and all of its challenges.  I left for a long time so I could dig in and really get my other blog going, the one about Muslims and me being one of them.  If you're an avid reader of that one, I hope you'll enjoy this one!

To begin with, I should probably tell everyone the novel's title.  It's called The Proxy Wars: Dramatis Personae.  The novel is set on the island country of Atlantis, where Prince Briok Cwartel is born into an era of uneasy peace.  With an absent father and a mother possessed of an iron-will, Briok grows up to become petulant, brave and ambitious.  On the day of his father's funeral Briok is taken aside by Amar, his father's most trusted advisor, and told that he is the last Magna Beast, the final heir to the throne of the alien Mags.

From the broken and barren planet Meliosa, the Mags and Howlas had let their holy war spill onto the surface of the Earth, terrorizing humanity and killing millions.  Now in a detente the Mags and the Howlas, with their king the Howlamega, find themselves patiently circling each other, waiting for the moment to strike.  With the help of Amar, Briok must take advantage of this lull in the bloodshed to learn the art of war.  But his journey does not take him far from home, forcing him into a liminal space between history homework and sword handling lessons - often in the same weekend.  It is here where Briok meets eight friends who change him, and whose lives are changed by him.

Meanwhile, in the dark alleys and seedy bars of Atlantis the mafia underworld is in turmoil.  Tory Cross, largest mob boss in Eastern Atlantis, has begun a war against his former mentor that is dividing the country and costing hundreds of lives.  Accusing his mentor of being a slave to the whims of the Howlamega, Tory seeks to create a new class of Howlas, separated from the politics and religions of the old culture.  But directly in the path of his fury lies Briok Cwartel, whose status as Prince of Atlantis makes him a prime target for all parties.  In the end, Amar must take drastic measures to protect Briok's life and possibly destroy the lives of Briok's friends in the process.

Hopefully that's mildly interesting to you.  As for writing samples, you can check some out here.  Let me know what you think!  Until next time then.