The Novel's Pitch

Fourteen year old Briok Cwartel is, to put it lightly, unique.  Born into the monarchy of Atlantis, but made to keep his identity a secret, his destiny is great but his present is mundane.  Stressing over whether or not Lara Heken has a crush on him is his top priority.  But when his father is murdered, Briok learns that he is not just the Prince of Atlantis - he's also the Magna Beast, leader of the alien Mags and gifted with fantastical powers that not even science can explain.  And he's the last one, ever.

Tasked with finishing the centuries long holy war between the Mags and the Howlas, Briok struggles to reconcile his human identity with the half-human reality he now lives.  Severely outnumbered by the vicious Howlas, and woefully inept at staying out of trouble, Briok begins training as a Magna Beast under the watchful eye of the immortal Amar and his reluctant assistant, the blind Mag Arthur Fourgun.

Meanwhile the Howlas, led by the Howlamega, have their own plan to finish the war.  And when Howlian gangsters begin attacking Briok with laser guns, he sets out on his own to discover the origins of these weapons and why the gangsters are chasing him.  His precocious adventuring lands him in a gangland civil war that could consume him, his closest friends, and the entire country.  

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