Who Are The Characters?

Briok Cwornas Adam Cwartel: Four names, definite allusion to Albus Brian Wulfric Dumbledore.  Briok is the main character of the novel and the following novels.  He is the last Magna Beast ever, and is thereby tasked with killing the last two Howlamegas.  He is only 14 years old at the beginning of the story.  By the end of Personae, he'll have finished his first year of high school, or Upper School as the novel calls it.  He's half-human, and never knew until the day he finds out his father died...and that he was the Magna Beast.  He basically got infodumped, and is expected to deal with it.

Amar the Mind Priest: The mentor to the Magna Beasts since the seventh generation of the line.  He is one of the Mahabura, an alien species capable of manipulating the mythological elements. Amar the Mind Priest is capable of manipulating the mind.  He has never had to start from scratch the way he does with Briok.  Nor did he ever have someone to train who attracted trouble the way Briok does.

Arthur Fourgun: He was once the greatest Mag soldier.  He is now a crippled, blind author of several best-selling novels about the history of the Magna Beasts and Howlamegas.  He and Amar don't get along very well, in fact not at all, but for Briok's sake they work together to train him.

Tory Cross: The crime boss who is in control of the Cross Family.  He is ambitious and short-tempered, with little patience for others.  He and his brother rose up out of poverty to become the rich and famous gangsters they are now.  They are one of the many Verokka families that infest Atlantis, but they are the most powerful in terms of sheer numbers.  At the beginning of the novel, Tory has just signed a new trade agreement with Delta City's black market, giving him an unprecedented amount of financial power - power that his mentor Howard Crim is envious of.

Kilik the Howlamega: Kilik is the main antagonist for the overall story arc.  His son, the 26th and final Howlamega, comes much later in the story.  Kilik is cursed with long life just as Amar is, but he experiences bodily degradation unlike Amar.  His natural healing abilities are constantly combatting this curse, and the toll is very visible on him.  He is also the ruler of Bakatan, the gigantic land concession won by the Howlas after the Fourth World War that ended in 3070, 26 years before the events of Dramatis Personae.  He is the most lethal of all the Howlamegas, having killed five Magna Beasts in quick succession.  This has given him the much-deserved name of "Light's Bane".

Sheba Cwornas Cwartel: The mother of Briok Cwartel.  She is also the Queen of Atlantis, the island country where the story takes place.  After her husband's death, she and Amar don't see eye to eye on just why he died and how to train Briok.  Throughout all of the changes Briok experiences, she does her best to remain a constant in his life despite how frequently her responsibilities take her away from home.

Eli Mahiley: The third Marolis, "Right-Hand of Light", Eli is known also as Eli the Mad.  He is the best friend and training partner of Arthur's nephew, Ori Pascal.  The unique bloodlust that gives him his name frequently gets him in trouble with Amar and Ori, but his talents on the battlefield are unparalleled and Briok can learn much from him.

Ori Pascal: He is the nephew of Arthur Fourgun, through Arthur's sister Elisa - the current leader of the rebel Mag colony in Bakatan.  He is the constant companion of Eli, light-hearted and witty, or at least he thinks he is.  He's famous for being one of the few Mags who chooses to not wield a sword, instead preferring specially built guns that swivel on their handles like nunchuks.

General Gakin: Enslaved by the Howlamega for his father's rebellion against the Howla leader, Gakin is the best of the famed Generals of the Howlamega.  He is known as Child of the Ascendant, and is used as the muscle for Bakatan's shipment of laser guns to Atlantis' Verokkas.  Known for being the one General to fend off Briok's father, Sulfanen, he is constantly searching for a way out of his enslavement.

Hopefully this will give a bit clearer picture to the story, as well as the few excerpts I've posted so far. As always, comment, suggest, critique.  Until next time then.