Links to Excerpts

Hello All!  So if you're wondering about the quality of my writing, I am too!  Here's a list of links to all of the excerpts I've posted over the past year+.  I hope they're of your liking.  Please, leave comments on each post and don't hesitate to be harsh!  Better to hear constructive criticism than ego-inflating praise - although praise IS nice!

Burning with Desire - basically the excerpt is about Tory Cross and General Gakin settling their differences over a bad business transaction.  The scene takes place in an art museum. 

Ah well, life goes on - this scene details the relationship between Tory Cross and his brother Weller Cross.  Both are head of the Cross Family mafia organization, and at the beginning of Dramatis Personae tension begins to develop between them.

Chapter 9: Capo di Tutti Capi - the title of the blogpost is misleading I guess.  The excerpt is from one of the last scenes in Dramatis Personae.  Briok is trying to deal with the fact that a girl is actually liking him back while on the way to a museum for a class field trip.  Briok is a growing adolescent in the novel, and I don't want to take away from those experiences just because he's being trained to save the world.

Deus Ex machina - the excerpt is a scene between Tory Cross and his lover, Lilith.  It is also one of the only action scenes I've posted on the blog.  Please pay close attention to how I portray the violence surrounding Tory and "comment, critique, suggest" it.  Thank you!

Some Downtime - this excerpt is about Briok finally seeing his father's grave.  It's a very important one because I am trying to convey Briok's sense of confusion and pain over the revelation that he is the Magna Beast and the fact that he is being asked to deal with his father's murder so quickly.

More will be posted soon!  Until next time then.