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Hello Reader!  The title above is the title for the seventh chapter in The Proxy Wars: Dramatis Personae.  As stated in a previous post, which is linked to in this blog post, the chapter is dedicated to showing the two worlds that Briok must now tread in.  Hopefully it's not so Harry Potter-ish that it looks like I'm imitating J.K. Rowling.

I was really struggling with what this blog post should be about.  Either I would give a character list, or update on the query search for an agent.  Since the latter is going nowhere, I think a list of important characters is the best thing to do.  It's a pretty big list, so the most important will go ahead of the jump.

Briok Cwornas Adam Cwartel: Four names, definite allusion to Albus Brian Wulfric Dumbledore.  Briok is the main character of the entire story, just not the first book Dramatis Personae.  The reason for this is that I needed an introduction, that's what the title means after all, to the characters of the story.  So, I use Amar in that capacity.  He is the last Magna Beast ever, and is thereby tasked with killing the last two Howlamegas.  He is only 14 years old at the beginning of the story.  By the end of Personae, he'll have finished his first year of high school, or Upper School as the novel calls it.

Amar the Mind Priest: The mentor to the Magna Beasts since the seventh generation of the line.  He is one of the Mahabura, an alien species capable of manipulating the elements of mythology.  They can do this because they are actually made up of those elements.  Fire Mahabura are actually fire, etc.  Amar the Mind Priest is capable of manipulating the mind.  I understand there's no scientific way that this could be possible.  That's why I would probably define my story as a fantasy novel rather than call it science fiction.

Arthur Fourgun: He was once the greatest Mag soldier.  He is now a crippled, blind author of several best-selling novels about the history of the Magna Beasts and Howlamegas.  He is another mentor of the Magna Beasts, serving in that capacity since the 22nd generation of Magna Beasts.  Two points to remember: there are only 26 Magna Beasts, meaning Briok is the 26th.  The second point is that Mags in general live for several centuries because of a special healing ability that evolved in their species.  They're like starfish, but they can actually concentrate where the regrowth or repair can occur.  Another sidenote is that the Magna Beasts are capable of living for much longer, and heal without having to concentrate on the site of repair

Tory Cross: The mafia boss who is in control of the Cross Family.  I've based my mafia world on the little characteristics of the Yakuza that I know, as well as a few Godfather tidbits.  I wanted to create something troubled, where the weight of their actions sits heavily on their shoulders.  So, Tory is my channel through which I can show my hesitant love for Greek tragedy.  His inherent traits bring about tragedy for him and his family.

Kilik the Howlamega: Kilik is the main antagonist for much of the story.  His son, the 26th and final Howlamega, comes much later in the story.  Kilik is cursed with long life just as Amar is, but he experiences bodily degradation unlike Amar.  His natural healing abilities are constantly combatting this curse, and the toll is very visible on him.  He is also the ruler of Territoria, the gigantic land concession won by the Howlas after the Fourth World War that ended in 3070, 26 years before the events of Dramatis Personae.

Sheba Cwornas Cwartel: The mother of Briok Cwartel.  She is also the Queen of Atlantis, the island country where the story takes place.  The history of the country can be explained later, but I tried to create Sheba in the same vein as my mother.  I should also explain the Cwornas Cwartel complex here as well.  Cwartel is the public name of the monarchy that rules Atlantis.  Because the Magna Beasts are monarchs of the country, they have to hide their identity.  Human beings don't really like the Mags and Howlas for bringing their war to Earth, and are pretty prejudiced against them.  Cwornas is the actual last name of the Magna Beasts, since the 24th generation when Briok's grandmother Aqusafia Phal married Losran Cwornas.  So, her name was actually Aqusafia Phal Cwartel, before she got married.  Get it? 

Eli Mahiley: During the timeline of the novel, Eli has now taken the mantle of strongest Mag soldier.  He serves as a big brother figure for Briok, as well as the best example of how killing over and over again can corrupt even the purest of souls.  He is, for most of this novel at least, the foil to Ori Pascal and only rarely shows his unique bloodlust.

Ori Pascal: He is the nephew of Arthur Fourgun, via Arthur's sister Elisa.  He is the constant companion of Eli, light-hearted and, well I hope at least, witty.  Eli and Ori compliment each other, and provide the softer moments of the book that are sometimes missing because of all the history and darkness that permeate throughout.

General Gakin: Since the Howlamega's arrival on Earth in 2015, there have been several Howlian Generals who have taken the place of the Howlamega during pivotal battles.  Gakin is the last surviving one since the previous batch were initiated.  This last batch was decimated by Briok's father, Sulfanen Cwornas Cwartel.  Gakin is attempting to rebel against the Howlamega for enslaving him, and is working closely with the mafias, specifically Tory's family, in order to achieve this goal.  But once manipulated, twice destroyed.

Hopefully this will give a bit clearer picture to the story, as well as the two excerpts I've posted so far. As always, comment, suggest, critique.  Until next time then.


  1. Yes! A character list! This was much needed, but now I think I'll need to figure out more about this magna beast world. Just a few questions like: How do they know that there can only be 26 manga beasts? Is that just an arbitrary number? Who is saying that there can't be a 27th? Otherwise, yay! and send me the second chapter pls?

  2. That's a part of the story, the fact that Briok is the last one. It was "revealed" to the first Magna Beast that there would be only 26 Magna Beasts. After that his line would end. It's also a literary device, there can't be any stories about Briok's kid inheriting his father's burden or some other mushy, Lion King 2 stunt.

  3. Thank you for this! You can ignore some of my previous comments. This was VERY VERY helpful. Things make a bit more sense now. Of course, I have a few questions. How come the Mahabura are the mentors to the Magna Beasts instead of one of their own race? Also, love the mythology thing. If Fire Mahabura are actually fire…Amar is made of psychic energy? If Arthur is a Mag and Mags can heal, how was he blinded? Where is Territoria? On earth? If so, where?

  4. In our own history, one can see how accidents can often determine an entire empire's fate. Epochs can be influenced by random occurrences. The same happens for the Mahabura. It just so happened that Amar was the only person capable of training the Magna Beast at the time, and he was so good at it that he just stuck with it.

    Yes, you've got it. Amar is made of psychic energy. It's explained in the book how he looks like a human being, even though he's supposed to be this sort've invisible force (well, in the novel psychic energy is purple but that's beside the point).

    Arthur's blindness (how it occurred and why he can't heal) is all explained in the novel. I think it's ok for me to say here that Kilik is a very, very evil person.

    Territoria is located where North and South America should be. After the Fourth World War, America was turned over to the Howlas by the mediating Quasarians. Again, this is also explained to some extent in the novel.

    Thanks for your questions Italy! I really appreciate them!